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After over eight years, sharing our passions with others is still what we love to do! Workshops offer a full spectrum immersive experience. Below are some of the workshops our team offers.


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Aerial Hoop Workshop

 These workshops often focus on finding one's personal flow and style on the lyra through transitions, spins, and poses- it can be adjusted to any level. Dynamic lyra is also offered for more intermediate/advanced levels. This style of workshop includes beats, drops, and flips. 


Aerial Duo Workshop

The duo workshop offered can be on silks, lyra, trapeze, or straps. This is ideal for a studio wanting to offer a special workshop for its aerialists to build new techniques and skills, or perfect for the festival scene as it's a great way to connect and learn with others in a community building way. This workshop can be offered at any level including fundamentals for beginners or a more dynamic approach for seasoned aerialists.

Partner Acrobatics Workshop

We can approach partner acrobatics in a variety of fun and connected ways. A Partner Acro Workshop can be L-basing, standing acro, group stacking and shape making, or therapeutic acro yoga based. Our teaching style is to ensure that while taking flight in partner acrobatics we focus on safety, fun, and human connection. 

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Conscious Movement Workshop

Movement is Medicine- This workshop is conducted in a way that the participants find deep embodiment and can somatically process, repair, and connect to the messages of their body. How do you want to move? What will serve you best? How can movement be your medicine for injury, pain, stress, emotions, or trauma? This workshop encourages full liberation to truly express oneself in a way that feels true and conscious to one's needs. This practice is something that participants can take into the world and use as a daily tool of nervous system regulation. It is a very special workshop that focuses on the psychological and physiological benefits of movement. 

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