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Image by Giorgio Trovato

The Portal Ecstatic Dance &
Cacao Circle 

Our bodies are our temples, and we hold everything we experience somatically within. Movement is essential to release and reset. That is one of the many joyous reasons we created The Portal Ecstatic Dance.  

The Portal is an otherworldly space to stimulate, decompress, and transform all of the senses. This container is a perfect place for recharging and replenishing our spirits. The Portal offers us all the opportunity to Unite our energies on the dance floor and create a transformational experience through the ancient rituals of Music, Dance & Cacao Circle. After the doors open, we will gather as a community to set our intentions during a guided cacao circle blasting open our hearts and transporting us to new paradigms. 

Drop into the senses of the body on the silent dance floor grooving to LIVE deep beats, be entranced by performances from professional aerialists, or play upside down in the designated acro-yoga jam area.

We invite you to dive deep into your most embodied self through conscious intentions and a guided opening and closing circle to fully integrate the experience. 


If you are interested in The Portal coming to your community, please reach out to our team at

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